Over the years 20 , Alcoy is a city known for its textile industry , it is a capitalized , educated and booming city.
In those years , Candido Miro Rabasa a alcoyano textile manufacturer , undertakes a new activity, which will culminate in the development of a product of popular food around the world, Anchovy Stuffed Olives .
The cover Anchovy Stuffed Olives was already typical , and is topped deshuesaban scratch every few olives , but Candido Miro Rabasa, he industrialized the process of filling and packaging of olives stuffed with anchovies . In early 1926 and had a pitting machine list . Thus was born Olives EL SERPIS .
Eventually Candido Miro, was innovating and incorporating your new stoners factory machines and fillers , industrial design in which he participated . Gradually grew olives EL SERPIS but always maintaining the traditional manufacturing processes and offering the best flavor.
Currently SERPIS is one of the leaders in the field of distributing olives taste and tradition worldwide brands.

philosophy :

SERPIS kept in their early business philosophy development criteria of quality over volume , selection against the number and qualifications against the price .

SERPIS is not be the cheapest brand in the market , our products are in a very high position on the media that can be found on the shelf. This principle applied rigorously by our founder D. Candido Miro, remains with the conviction that there are many consumers in the world able to pay a little more for a satisfying taste and excellent quality .

For them and for them, SERPIS will remain an international reference real taste of the best olives in the world.

factory :

SERPIS currently has a factory of 18,000 m2 and a professional team composed of more than 80 people.
This new space built in 2007 has a storage capacity of 3 million kilos of olives, and can produce more than 36,000 kilos of olives per turn.

The new factory is equipped with the latest technology and the latest in design and comfort by enabling an environment where words work , innovate and produce , acquire a new meaning. We have brought about a more humane place and close work . A place that allows us to be more productive, expand our range of products and offer our customers a competitive and high quality product

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